For your gourmet moments or fast your lunch break bakery L'Horloge in Amboise (37 dpt. - Indre et Loire), is also a variety of snack products.






Green Salad

2.80 €

Crudités Salad

Green salad, tomato, egg

5.60 €

Tourangelle Salad

Salad, potatoes, warm Chicharrones, toast of goat’s cheese, tomatoes

8.50 €

Farmer Salad

Green salad, tomato, egg, potato, diced bacon

8.50 €

Norwegian Salad

Green salad, tomato, smoked sa/mon, cream and dill, lemon

8.50 €

Vegetarian Salad

Green salad, tomato, grated carrot, cucumber, mushrooms

8.50 €

Salade Végétarienne

Salade, tomates, carotte râpées, concombre, champignons

8.50 €

Salade chèvre chaud

Salad, tomatoes, toast of warm goat’s cheese

8.50 €

Salade Périgourdine

Salad, potatoes, onion confit, duck breast, toast of foie gras

8.50 €

Salade Nordique

Smoked salad, salmon, cream, lemon, dill, tomato, asparagus

8.50 €



Plain omelette

4.20 €

Cheese omelette

4.80 €

Ham and cheese omelette

5.20 €

Ham cheese and mushroom omelette

5.80 €



Vegetarian Tartine (servie froide)

Toasted bread, olive oil, green salad, grated carrot, tomato, cucumber

5.10 €

Italian Tartine

Toasted bread, olive oil, green salad, tomato, mozzarella

7.90 €

Tartine Tourangelle

Toasted bread, olive oil, green salad, potato, Sainte-Maure cheese, honey

7.90 €

Nordic Tartine

Toasted bread, olive oil, green salad, potato, cream, smoked salmon, lemon

6.40 €

Tartine Montagnarde

Bread, potatoes, country, reblochon, salad ham

7.90 €

Part of the butcher according to arrival

8.50 €

Les Sandwichs


Jambon beurre

Ham butter

3.60 €

Jambon emmental

Ham, emmental, butter

3.80 €


Tomatoes country eggs cheese ham salad

4.50 €

Crudité poulet

salad tomatoes chicken eggs mayonnaise

4.50 €

Crudité poulet tandoori

tandoori chicken tomato salad mayonnaise

4.50 €

Crudité Bayonne chèvre

salad tomatoes bayonne goat’s cheese

4.50 €

Crudité thon

salad tomatoes tuna eggs mayonnaise

4.50 €

Crudité saumon

cream cheese Salmon Cucumber tomatoes salad

4.50 €

Hot Meals


Croque Monsieur

White bread, bechamel sauce, ham, grated emmenthal cheese

3.50 €

Croque Madame

White bread, bechamel sauce, ham, egg, grated emmenthal cheese

3.50 €

Croissant with Ham

Croissant, bechamel sauce, ham, grated emmenthal cheese

4.00 €

Croque Tourangeau

HaIf-baguette, bechamel sauce, rillons (pork morsels), Sainte-Maure cheese, grated emmenthal

4.80 €

Bouchée à la Reine

Flaky pastry, mushroom sauce, sweetbreads, grated emmenthal cheese

4.50 €

Panini with Sainte-Maure Cheese

Olive oil, smoked ham, mozzarella

4.80 €

Italian Panini

Huile d'olives, jambon de pays, mozzarella

4.80 €

Panini with Chicken

Olive oil, tomato, chicken, emmenthal cheese

4.80 €

Panini with Salmon

Olive oil, smoked salmon, cream and dill

4.90 €

Foccacia with Chicken (bread dough-based)

With tomato, mozzarella, diced bacon,raclette cheese, heavy cream, gruyère

3.95 €

Savoyard Foccacia (bread dough-based)

With tomato, mozzarella, diced bacon,raclette cheese, heavy cream, gruyère

3.95 €

Tourangelle Foccacia (bread dough-based)

With rillons (pork morsels), Sainte-Maure cheese, heavy cream, gruyère

3.95 €

Foccacia with Salmon (bread dough-based)

With potato, salmon, heavy cream, gruyère

3.95 €


Tomato, mushrooms, ham, gruyère

4.00 €


Heavy cream, diced bacon, onions, gruyère

4.00 €

Our Quiches


Quiche Lorraine

Diced bacon, gruyère, quiche filling

6.90 €

Quiche with Cheese

Goat cheese, raclette cheese, brie, emmenthal, quiche filling

6.90 €

Tourangelle Quiche

Sautbed pork morsels, goat cheese, gruyère, quiche filling

6.90 €

Quiche with Tuna

Tomato, tuna, gruyère, quiche filling

6.90 €

Our quiches are served with salad

Our Burgers


Burger de l’Horloge

Bread Burger, steak, cheddar, country ham, burger sauce, tomatoes

7.90 €

Burger Tourangeaux

Bread burger, steak, country ham, goat’s cheese sauce

8.10 €

Burger façon Rossini

Bread burger, steak, confit of onions, cooked middle of fatty liver

8.90 €

Ma Gaufre Savoyarde

Salty waffle, steak, ham country, reblochon, salad, tomatoes

8.90 €

All our Burgers are served with potatoes and salad


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